Who am I?

Hello everyone,

as you have read on the welcome page I am a young entrepreneur whose passion is to bake and share this with you. But that is just a short introduction of who I am. Therefore, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

My name is Michaela Dema, I grew up with my parents and my 5 older siblings in Switzerland. I started baking at the young age of 6 and cooking at the age of 7. I always wanted to become an entrepreneur, own my own business, travel the world and make a difference.

Since I was small I preferred to do things by my own, yes including to write my own recipes. Obviously with inspirations of my mom, grandma and books.

So, in my last year as a senior I had to do a project. And since I always wanted to write my own recipe books, I took that opportunity. And in that year My Bakery Style got created. Thank God, I got a really good grade on my project.

Shortly my second book came as followed. I continued my studies abroad and took a break from all my kitchen times. But here I am back, still as a full-time student but with more inspirations and ideas. And willing to take more steps to accomplish my dreams and make a difference in the world.