Easy baking with a taste of home

This are homemade Cupcakes a la Nesquik.

Hello there and welcome to My Website!

My name is Michaela Dema. I am a young entrepreuner whose great passion is to bake. I have written two recipe books in German named; "My Bakery Style" and "Michaelas Bakery Style".

What is this website all about?

The idea of the whole concept is to give as many people as possible, easy recipes they then can use to bake something themselves.

I have started hitting the kitchen at the young age of 6 and personally have come across lots of recipes that were too complicated and time taking. Well, I am not saying that a challenge shall not be taken. But, why not make it easier?

Therefore, I have decided to show the world my project of TheEasyWay to make people enjoy and have fun with easy and simple recipes written by me and inspired by my nonna (grandmother) and beloved mamma.

The recipes are fast and easy to understand, as well as beautiful and delicious.

I will be publishing my recipes for sale on the website in English and German.

Thank you and Enjoy it.

Kind regards

Baked Greetings, Michaela Dema